Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Job!

I've recently been seeking employment due to uncertainty with my current employer (details in this post). I have been offered a new position with another company - doing exactly what I do now. I'll be working for HAPO Community Credit Union, based in Richland, Washington

The drawback is that the family has to move, and in the middle of the school year. It will be hard to move away from our church and friends. It will be particularly hard for my oldest daughter Maggie.

The good news is that we'll be much closer to family! My folks and sister's family both live within a 30 minute drive. An added benefit is that this position should have more stability (I've never heard of big layoffs occurring at credit unions) :)

So...we have much to do. The most daunting task is to sell the house. It must be put on the market, and sold during a market downturn. God's providence has been very apparent to us in throughout this process. I'm confident that he will bring us the right buyers in His time. He has been opening doors, and this move is in His hands.

Calvinism Distorts God's Character

Roger Olson (Author of Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities) has written an editorial about the recent bridge collapse in MN, and how it presents problems for Calvinists. It's an excellent read, and Olson is less irenic than ususal:

The God of Calvinism scares me; I'm not sure how to distinguish him from the devil. If you've come under the influence of Calvinism, think about its ramifications for the character of God. God is great but also good. In light of all the evil and innocent suffering in the world, he must have limited himself.

[updated spelling of Olson 6-3-08, oops]
Calvinist view of bridge collapse distorts God's character