Saturday, January 19, 2008

The handle: Pizza Man

In case anyone is wondering why I go by the handle "Pizza Man" - I worked for Domino's pizza from 1993-1996. That corresponds to the time I first started going online - mostly BBS stuff back then. So "Pizza Man" seemed appropriate at the time, and it's too late to change it now. :)

Some thoughts on pizza delivery: it is an EXCELLENT part time job for a season. If you are in college and want a job in the evening with flexible hours and pretty good income then pizza delivery is the way to go. Tips are very nice, and you get cash to take home every night. I used to average around $10 an hour (including tips and hourly wage), which wasn't too bad 15 years ago. I'm sure the drivers do even better now (although gas prices aren't what they were). Pizza delivery is also an excellent supplemental job for someone who needs a little extra cash. Dave Ramsey recommends pizza delivery as one of the best ways to jump start getting out of debt, and I agree.

Having said that, the full time pizza business is not so great for a career path or for someone with a family. For a career, you can't really make a living with pizza unless you own a restaurant. The shift managers make less than the delivery drivers (no tips). They have to work evenings and many hours to make a go at it, which is hard on the family.

I have a buddy who started working for Domino's the same time I did. He now is the head manager of his own restaurant. He makes good money, but puts in about 60 hours a week. He has to work evenings and every weekend. Not for me. I'm glad I moved on with my career goals and went instead into IT.


Dawn said...

I wondered why your screen name might mean. Thanks for sharing.

Pizza Man said...

Thanks for stopping by Dawn. :)