Saturday, March 01, 2008

Audio Links: Steve Gregg

I found another excellent site with mp3 audio from a "Non Calvinist" perspective. It's managed by a fellow named Steve Gregg. I had never heard of Gregg until a few weeks ago. Ironically I ran across his name while looking through James White's site. :) Apparently White and Gregg were going to have a debate on Calvinism, but it fell through. Anyway, Gregg is a Christian radio host who broadcasts a show called "The Narrow Path". The show is on a few radio stations in the Oregon/NoCal area. His stuff is very good - scriptural and detailed. If I had a complaint it would be that he is perhaps too thorough. :) He does not call himself an Arminian, but instead a Non-Calvinist. He has a nine part audio series on the problems with Calvinism.

Here is his website: The Narrow Path

Be sure to check out some of his audio links. I have enjoyed them while on my long commute.


Troy Crider said...

He also has a more extensive lecture on Romans 9 in his verse by verse teachings, which will not be encountered in his lectures on Calvinism. Perhaps you make that available as well.

Pizza Man said...

Thanks, I will do that.