Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dobson's October Newsletter

Here is a link to James Dobson's October newsletter. He lists why he's supporting McCain / Palin, and what's up for stake in the 2008 presidential election. I agree with him for the most part, and I will be voting for the Republican ticket.

Major Points:
  • Obama's record is the most liberal of any person in the Senate, Biden his running mate is #3
  • Obama promotes abortion. He actually voted three times against the "Born Alive Act" in Illinois, which protected babies who are born alive after an abortion attempt.
  • McCain and Palin have both demonstrated a commitment to protecting the unborn.
  • The Democrats are promoting a homosexual activist agenda.
  • If the Democrats control the House/Senate/President, there will be a lot of legislation promoted that is blatantly hostile to Christians.


Anonymous said...
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Pizza Man said...

Sorry, I can't have a comment like that here.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to remind you is all.

Crowm said...

Hey Kevin,

I agree with some of what Dobson says. However, I'm a bit more right than I believe McCain to be (If Palin was the only one on the ticket, I'd have no problem). I don't see much of a choice this cycle.

My option is to hold my nose and vote for a third party. I realize the chances of winning are
.0000037%. It's the only option for me when I consider the values I believe in. I also respect those who disagree.

Grace and Peace Bro!

Pizza Man said...

Hi Mike,

I too am "right" of McCain. I would rather have someone with more of a Biblical world view. In this case I will make the pragmatic choice and vote for McCain. I can appreciate why you're not willing to do so though.

TrueHope said...

What percentage of Americans are evangelical Christians? 20%?

If it's as low as I think it is, then it'd be difficult to imagine McCain/Palin winning this election.

Pizza Man said...

Hi Truehope. You are right, it doesn't look real optimistic for McCain.

Dawn said...

crownm, I understand what you're saying, but your third party vote is a vote for Obama. With Obama in office he will do MUCH damage to our country and set us back in every area (e.g., abortion, economics, gay agenda, etc.). I will hold my nose and vote McCain in an effort to keep Obama OUT!

Anonymous said...

My fear is that McCain will end up giving Obama a cabinet position.