Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to get free bonus boosts in Bejeweled on Facebook.

How to cheat in Bejeweled on Facebook.

1) Earn enough coins to buy what you want, but not any more. If you have extra coins, this trick will cause them to be spent.

2) Open up a bunch of tabs, all to the facebook Bejeweled page. You will need about 20 tabs for an endless supply of boosts. If your computer is old or low on ram, try a few less tabs. Make sure the flash loads on each tab.

3) Buy your bonus boosts on each tab.

4) Enjoy! After you have played the first tab three times, Bejewled is smart enough to realize that you are out of coins, but not smart enough to prevent you from playing on each of the other tabs. Thus the number of games you get to play is equal to the number of tabs plus 2. If you open 20 tabs, you will get to play 22 games.

This trick also works on more than one browser and more than one computer.

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