Monday, August 13, 2012

Star Trek Movie Rankings

From best to worst:

#1) Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.  The special effects of the eighties aren't quite up to par, but the best storyline by far.
#2) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. A fitting sendoff for the original crew.
#3) Star Trek XI: The new kid on the block, I'm still evaluating this one. But I really liked it.
#4) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Save the whales! Lots of fun. Lots of colorful metaphors.
#5) Star Trek Generations
#6) Star Trek III:
#7) Star Trek First Contact
#8) Star Trek I: Slow, the beginning really drags. Did they really need to spend 30 minutes spanning different shots of the Enterprise? This was lame even when it first hit the theaters and the special effects were new and cool.
#9) Star Trek V: Hands down the worst movie by far. What were they thinking? This one stinks so bad I refuse to buy it even with a set.


Jc_Freak: said...

First of all, you missed Star Trek Insurrection (which I wish I did) and Star Trek Nemisis. Second, here's my list:

#1) Star Trek XIII: First Contact (but of course I'm an TNG fan)
#2) Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan (Because its awesome)
#3) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (though it would have been better with Saavik instead of Valeris)
#4) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (just due to fun factor)
#5) Star Trek XI (I enjoyed it, but there is way too much expectation, in terms of the characters, of Kirk, as a new cadet, already being Kirk. I mean, who's a captain straight out of the academy?)
#6) Star Trek VII: Generations
#7) Star Trek X: Nemesis (Best star ship battle ever, though the plot needed work)
#8) Star Trek III: Search for Spock
#9) Star Trek I (Which I'm not sure actually had a plot...)
#10) Star Trek IX: Insurrection (wierd movie
#11) Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Jc_Freak: said...

You forgot Nemesis and Insurrection. Anyhoo, here is my list from best to worst:

XII, II, VI, IV, VII, XI, X, III, I, IX, and finally V, which didn't really happen.

Kevin Jackson said...

I guess I did miss a couple, I need to have my nerd card taken away. ;)