Monday, May 12, 2008

Audio Link: In Search of Truth

The website In Search of Truth has a 4 part series by Bob Waldron critiquing Calvinism. Here is the direct audio link: Calvinism Series

Waldron is a pastor/professor/missionary who comes from a Church of Christ background (the acapella guys). This is a good series, although I do have a couple of reservations. Here is an overview on each of the four lessons:

1) God's Sovereignty and Total Depravity - Waldron explains the Calvinist concept of Sovereignty - that God "controls" everything, and how this is not a scriptural view. He addresses Total Depravity and refutes it from what I would call a Semi-Pelagian view.

2) Calvinism and TULIP - Waldron gives a little history on John Calvin, and then goes through the 5 points. He represents Calvinism very fairly and doesn't create straw men. He is easy to understand.

3) Neo Calvinism #1 - Waldron argues that modern Calvinists have modified the system to make it seem not as harsh, and as a result are not as consistent as the old school Calvinists. He goes on a couple of tangents unique to the Church of Christ in this lesson (baptism, and complaints about instruments used in worship).

4) Neo Calvinism #2 - This lesson is on the differences between Imputed Righteousness (Calvinist view) and Imparted Righteousness (View of some Arminians). Waldron argues for the Imparted view, and makes some very good points. Imputed Righteousness advocates say salvation "covers" sin, where as Imparted Righteousness advocates say salvation "cleanses" sin.


Historical Number Cruncher said...

Pizza Man:

I've been looking for a thread to ask you a certain question. This is the most related I could find, and my appologies if I stretched it too much.

Have you compared the Council of Dordt to the Robber Synod of Ephesus in terms of Illegitimacy? I have, and I have found Dordt the more Illegitimate.

What is your opinion? I'd like to compare notes with you.

Pizza Man said...

Hey HNC, to be honest I know only a little about Dort, and even less about Ephesus Synod. I can't give you an informed opinion.

Another side note: just took a look at your political blog, and it looks very cool. I love making political predictions too. :)

Historical Number Cruncher said...

I am flattered.

Two requests:

1) Post something.

2) Put me on your Blog Roll.

God's Blessing Upon You.

Pizza Man said...

I added you to my blog role. I actually think about politics quite a bit, but don't focus on it real often in my blog. :)

Historical Number Cruncher said...

Pizza Man:

My other request is that you look through the scoring critera of my model and grade them yourself. Perhaps mention a point of disagreement.