Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quiz: Are you an Arminian?

Somebody has come up with a quiz to test if you are an Arminian or not. It's actually pretty funny...if you have a thick skin. Warning: If you are a Charismatic Calvinist, you could fail this too. :)

Link: Are You an Arminian?

From the quiz: If your total is more than -5, you are either a full scale Arminian, or you are on your way. But it is still not too late for you to be given repentance… pray about it.

I scored a -44!



Dawn said...

I scored a whopping 14!

TrueHope said...

lol, it would seem that even John MacArthur would be considered Arminian if graded according to this quiz.

And John Piper would be considered hyper-Arminian.

Pizza Man said...

Thanks for stopping by Truehope.

C.J. Mahaney (Sovereign Grace) would probably score higher than me. :)